Bee Found brings together beekeepers in a whole new way. We encourage, but don't require, treatment-free beekeeping and social enterprise. Your gains are our gains. Your losses are our losses. Together, we will build stronger, healthier and resilient bees that will help boost all bees and pollination in the area. 


Our Mission

Bee Found believes that new beekeepers should be taught the pros and cons of natural beekeeping in an effort to keep the strongest, healthiest bees without the use of dangerous chemicals. We acknowledge the therapeutic benefits of beekeeping, and because of that, focus on veterans with PTSD to give them focus and an outlet. Our goal is to raise area bee populations of strong, mite and disease-resistant bees. Our hope is that these backyard hives will facilitate a dialogue among neighbors, friends, family and the community at large about the importance of bees.

What We offer                       Our main goals

  • Hive Rentals

  • Host a Hive

  • Adopt a Hive

  • Raw, hyper-local honey

  • Bee education

  • Bee Removal

  • Treatment-free mentor matching

  • Become Certified Naturally Grown

  • Grant at least 10 new colonies to veterans per year

  • Reduce the cost of hives by teaching supporters how to build their own

  • Become the premier Treatment-Free organization in the midwest

The bee is domesticated, but not tamed.
— William Longgood